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The ReWire Podcast w/ Ryan Stewman

Jan 31, 2023

When you get your laser-focus on greatness, you're going to level up. 

You're going to be more frustrated and angry. 

Not with the success, but with the "level-off." 

The level off comes with the morons surrounding you who keep making stupid decisions. 

They'll throw roadblocks in their own way. 

As you climb the social...

Jan 30, 2023

You might be worried about these haters out here. 

There's always going to be someone hating on you. 

I've got some of the most ungrateful ones. 

They started as average people. 

I showed them how to gain influence on social media. 

They're making videos on social. 

Gaining popularity. 

They launch a podcast. 


Jan 27, 2023

My eldest son Jax came to me and shared he was looking for his jeans. 

I asked him if he looked in the drawer where they usually are. 

He said "Yes, but I can't find them, Dad." 

I asked if he looked in the other drawers. 

To this, he replied, "No." 

That's a reflection of society and they way they do things.


Jan 26, 2023

So many people on this planet are waiting. 

They're waiting for the right time. 

The perfect opportunity. 

The next best thing. 

Waiting for things to be "just right." 


But what happens is, they procrastinate the wrong things. 

Instead, they put other things ahead of them. 

Things like video games, Netflix,...

Jan 25, 2023

If there's any message you need to hear, it's this one: 


Nothings happens by mistake. 

There are no accidents. 

But everything that's happening to you is happening for you. 

It was ordained a long, long time ago. 

Things are going to come at you. 

People are going to test you.