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The ReWire Podcast w/ Ryan Stewman

Nov 30, 2023

Life wants to scar you up. 

Your mentality. 

Your body. 

Life wants you to stay stuck and believe you can't move forward. 

I've been in jail. 

Married to the wrong people. 

I've been in business with the wrong people. 

But I've come through the rough side of life. 

You can lie on me. 

Put me down. 

Cut me up, but......

You will never take me off my mission while I'm here on this earth! 

There are people who are willing to do what it takes to live a great life and put in the work. 

The work you put in the gym today may not show up for 6 months. 

The money you invest may not mature for 10 years. 

The family you create may not be there for you if you allow your scars to get in the way of having a great relationship with them.  

Stay focused. 

Wear the scars. 

Don't let them wear you! 

You have important work to do! 





This planet is based on an algorithm and with every positive action, there is an adverse reaction. 

Ryan Stewman rose and overcame a life of addiction, imprisonment, divorce, and circumstances that would break the spirit of the average human being. 

He went on to create a powerful network of winners and champions in life and business creating a movement quickly changing lives one day at a time. 

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