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The ReWire Podcast w/ Ryan Stewman

Sep 28, 2023

Shortcuts are for suckers. 

If everyone was supposed to be a millionaire, there'd be a shortcut. 

Same for having abs and being in great shape. 

You can't just take juice, eat KitKats and not have to work out. 

There's no such thing as a shortcut. 

It's a mythical creature like unicorns. 

You wanna be a millionaire? 

Work your ass off in the office every single day. 

You want a great marriage? 

Bust your ass in your marriage. 

Show your spouse you love them consistently. 

Same for being a great parent. 

Shortcuts are bullshit. 

They're for suckers. 

Only a sucker believes you only have to work out 5 minutes a day to get in shape. 

Only a sucker believes you can make a million bucks in 30 days without working your ass off. 

Don't take shortcuts. 

It'll take you off your path. 

Do the work. 

Go the long way. 

Put in the effort. 

Shortcuts are for suckers. 




This planet is based on an algorithm and with every positive action, there is an adverse reaction. 

Ryan Stewman rose and overcame a life of addiction, imprisonment, divorce, and circumstances that would break the spirit of the average human being. 

He went on to create a powerful network of winners and champions in life and business creating a movement quickly changing lives one day at a time. 

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