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The ReWire Podcast w/ Ryan Stewman

Dec 1, 2023

If they try and hate on you, shut them down. 

As you level up in life there are some motherfuckers that will try and keep you down. 

They'll say, "Who do you think you are?" 

"You trying to be the next Tony Robbins?" 

Shut them the fuck down.

Who you were when you were a kid is not who you are today. 

Who you are today is different than whom you were yesterday. 

If there are people who try to keep their thumb on you as you make your way up, release them from your life and shut them down. 

They're not going where you're going. 

Stay focused on your mission. 

Don't let anyone or anything get in the way of what you're doing! 

You're on a unique mission bestowed upon you by God. 

Follow that! 




This planet is based on an algorithm and with every positive action, there is an adverse reaction. 

Ryan Stewman rose and overcame a life of addiction, imprisonment, divorce, and circumstances that would break the spirit of the average human being. 

He went on to create a powerful network of winners and champions in life and business creating a movement quickly changing lives one day at a time. 

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